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About Us

Hummingbird is the #1 site creating scheduled messages or emails for family, friends, and colleagues that deliver at the right time. Not only you can schedule a message for a single person but also you can deliver the same message for multiple people at a time during any occasion. Now, it’s easier to celebrate occasions with timely scheduled messages with Hummingbird. From birthdays to wedding anniversaries to get-togethers to mid-night parties, it’s easier to memorize dates.

Put off the weight from your shoulders and focus on what’s more important for you. Let Hummingbird take care of everything that you need to remember.


Alerts You About Each Critical Date
It’s obvious to miss out on a few important dates and days. But it’s no longer a big deal to memorize important dates. Hummingbird notifies you about each event or occasion.
Automated messages
Schedule the messages in advance that deliver at the right time is the best way to surprise your dearest ones. Now, Hummingbird is here to take your responsibility and deliver the special messages or notifications at the right moment.
Ensure No Communication Gap
Build a gap between your friends, colleagues, or family by important messages on special occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, etc. No more lapses between you and our colleagues or friends.
Reminds Even After 10 Years
You set and schedule the message right now. And it delivers even after 10 years. Never miss out on any occasion with Hummingbird from today.
Broadcast The Messages
Not only does Hummingbird allow you to send a scheduled message or one person but it allows you to send messages to multiple people at a time. Create a group by selecting the contacts and deliver the scheduled message at the right moment
Send a message through text, video, audio, image, or pdf. Select any format that you need while setting and scheduling the message.

Organize Messages in 4 Quick Steps

Schedule what is important to you in advance, in 4 simple steps.
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Initially, select the contact name and email that you would like to send a message.

Now Forget To Forget Anything

B2B Integration

Build ideal way of scheduling all the important notifications to your customers / prospects, engage them, and turn into customers. Increase sales. Enjoy high ROI. Finally, establish your brand with our excellent customer engagement tool, Hummingbird. We offer the best tools to help small businesses, startups, and enterprises to the next level. Connect with our professional team to discuss more by requesting a demo.

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